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ClearCard expands services to over 100 service centres in Canada. 99% of the time, a service technician is less than 1 hour away from your ATM

ClearCard is now offering first-line maintenance (FLM), so you no longer have to reply on your armoured carrier. Ask us for more information about this new service

ClearCard ATM Service Network Inc. is a Canadian-owned company dedicated to providing the highest possible uptime for Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Through first-line and second-line maintenance, ClearCard is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of thousands of ATMs across Canada. In addition to providing services for major white-label ISOs in Canada, ClearCard is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of ATMs for Canadian Financial Instituations and Credit Unions.

From major urban centres such as Toronto and Vancouver to remote areas such as Timmins and Prince George, ClearCard has an extensive network in place to be able to provide service to almost any ATM in Canada. For more information on how ClearCard can help your organization, please contact us.

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