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ClearCard expands services to over 100 service centres in Canada. 99% of the time, a service technician is less than 1 hour away from your ATM

ClearCard is now offering first-line maintenance (FLM), so you no longer have to reply on your armoured carrier. Ask us for more information about this new service

ClearCard can service almost all makes and models of ATMs:

    ClearCard is now offering full turnkey service including parts and first-line maintenance (FLM). No longer do you need to reply on unreliable and inexperienced armoured carriers. ClearCard has developed a new program that allows us to provide this service for your in a "shared cash liability" scenario. ASK US FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS NEW SERVICE!

    ClearCard also offers the following services:

  • Software upgrades
  • Preventative Maintance
  • Monitoring services*
  • Locksmith services*
  • Locksmith services*
  • Parts Inventory & Repair

    We offer custom-tailored service contracts that can meet your specific needs and budget. Our contracts are offered on a:

  • transaction basis
  • flat monthly basis
  • time and material basis

    For more information, please contact us.

    *Certain conditions apply

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